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Saturday, November 12, 2005


I just flew out to Tokyo! Like, right after we wrapped on Tuesday night. It was a heavy scene for Jo Jo (my character) and Jude (the star of the film) as well as other scenes of JoJo arriving to NY and getting a job doing what he loves the most. A very long day of shooting and having to jump around in the story means you have to adjust your actions, thoughts and demeanor for each scene as well as wardrobe. I was having a ball but I didn't find out if I was clear to go to Japan for a music conference and meeting with my distributor over there until the eleventh hour but it all worked out. Big Up Revolution Studios Team Todd and Matt Gross and Rich and Rudd and Jeff and most of all the Big Boss Lady, Julie Taymizzle. I rushed home ...well I hit the Falafel spot first and then went home and quickly packed and jumped on a plane heading to Narita Airport, about an hour and a half from Tokyo's Shibuya Excel hotel. The best part of the trip was the toilet seats in Tokyo. If you know what I'm talkin bout. I went with Nikki Glaspie on Drums and Hanklin Roosefelt Shroy on Bass and Shawn P and Jeff Alston. We met up with our Far East Coast Rep Sumiyo and were greeted by the entire Highwave Staff upon arrival. It was very cool. Friday we played at a place called The Chelsea Hotel..funny cuz I didn't see any hotel rooms but the club itself was cool. Music sounded big!! Friday night I was especially blessed by the arrival TomokaChan. I've been blessed to meet many special people in the world through my fierce pursuit of my music dreams. I am lucky to see other dreams come true as well and seeing her was the best part of the trip. Then we all hung out after the conference/show was finished. We saw and met a cool Ska band and BLEACH!!! The fiercest 3 piece all female band I've ever seen. They were a tough act to follow but we did our best and things worked out. I'll put some shots up soon and until then, keep on rocking in the free world. I can't wait to go to sleep.

Saturday, November 05, 2005


BIg shout out to my Nigga ( I hate that word most times. It fits the moment if you feel me)
BUN MUTHAFUCKIN "B" and UGK and all the MAJOR MAJOR Motion the Southern Boyz been gettin...really the paper thay been gettin and now the recognition in this game called Life. TRILL is Bun's new CD and I'm feelin it. Cop dat.
Funny thing crossed my mind while watching Chedddar, the Gamers Lifestyle DVD Volume 4 featuring Bun/Lil Flip/Benzino/Dip Set and Hella otha muthafuckas..(sholizcussinalot hunh) Anyway, I thought about all the images of White folks that I've seen in my life and their ways of flaunting wealth and even tho we do it different, it never crossed my mind that they were being Gaudy or Ignorant with their diamonds and even tho they never wore them in their mouths, they still Ball and in much bigger ways (and that's probably why I used to ride my Bike all over their private Golf course greens cuz we definitely wasn't allowed! But back to the point..) Is it fair to say Yin Yang Twins are Ignorant and Young Jeezy or Jigga (that's not short for Jiggaboo is it? Just asking) are bad role models and the PRESIDENT is a good example...Arnold Swartzawhatever can hold big guns all over the movie screen and make impressions on my mind as the terminator but Tupac shooting the policeman who was outta line makes him a villian and Arnold runs for Governor??!!! AND GETS ELECTED!!!!! Shit is all twisted and knotted up like nappy hair and it ain't gone straighten up without out a hot comb anytime soon. So let the Riders Ride and Blingers Bling. I'm a Rock and Roll and just do my thing!

Big Up Too Short. Now on the count of three Everybody say "BEEEEEEEYYYYYYAAAATTTTCCCCCHHHHHH!!!!"

Friday, November 04, 2005


Well well well...Did you put on a costume for the Hallowed Holiday? I didn't, just the same ole same for me. Kilts and Boas and all...Ha ha. We had a Rocking good time at The Cutting Room in NYC. Traffic was a bitch that night. Had to walk a few blocks carrying my equipment and thanks to Elvira at my side we cut the trip time in half. What up Yve. What has been happening....hmmm well my boy D. Brown was in town with Foxx and crew, as in Oscar award winner Foxx who was here shooting a video with Ludacris and DIME's GALORE were just lacing the place..I had to stick around and make change...And for a chance to meet this young angel named Althea...Wait till yall get a load of her! God is definitely in the Blessing Business. And with a Tall Drink of water named T.K. and a badass hair stylist named Nikki, I went to the Broadway smash RENT so I could get a vibe on what all the talk has been for over 9years..And to see a BOMBSHELL of an actress/singer named Antonique (www.antonique.com) and she and a cast of extremely talented folks kicked ass in a play that I'll probably have to see the movie to fully appreciate. Fast pace to say the least...
Big shout out to Sista Soul with the Platinum Fro and the Bunny Extravaganza Eriko! We had a ball that night. If you were there you got it and plenty of it. BIG UP TO LEGENDARY VOODOO DOLL THE BLACK GYPSY HERSELF, SHELBY JOHNSON WHO BLESSED THE STAGE AT CUTTING ROOM. IT'S BEEN A MINUTE AND WE FELL RIGHT BACK IN A GROOVE JUST LIKE NEW TIMES...

ACANTHA ACANTHA ACANTHA...This possessed vixen from New Orleans CLOSED the show. We did a version of I put a spell on you and boy she put a spell on me!! Good LAWD!!! CATCH HER AT HARLEM GRILL ON MONDAY NIGHTS PERFORMING SOME KNOCK OUT BLUES YALL...
ALSO We were blessed to hear Sparla and I hope I spelled it right. This woman's tone is so gorgeous. She has great presence and a wonderful writing style! Look out for more music from her soon..
Afterwards we went to check Rich Medina and Bobbito and Spinna down at APT. RIDICULOUS!!! It was good to hang with plenty of my fam and friends.
These days, I'm in my Cancer zone. I retreat to the crib and just max. Going out doesn't interest me right now. I'm out all the time and working long days and have toured the world a few times so this season I'm taking peace and quiet in as often as I can get it. I don't get it unless I turn off the phone (which I refuse to answer most of the time anyway) AND computer. Then I have my digital devices that I'm always recording song ideas into...technofreak. What ever. I'm happy...Did I just say happy!! Oh..What is going on...Well, I'm happy to pay my bills on time for a change!! I'm happy to even think about looking for property. I'm happy that my parents are still alive and getting a chance to see baby boy make a move or two. I sent Pops some suede kicks and moms some sweatsuits and choice tops and a Vintage Gator purse and ...Well you know I been promising moms some gifts since I was a kid and trust me, she's collecting! And she should be. That's my mamma. Pops is cool but still working on his heart. I told him he better get better and help me spend a few of these dollars or moms was gonna get it all...He quickly got up out that hospital! Ha ha... My brother is getting his feet wet with Videography and studying films and what not.
Anyway, I got cable TV and I'm finna watch me some.