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Thursday, August 18, 2005


Remember I told you if you didn't already know. I've been at the brink of destruction for quite some time. In my mind I believe that I'm doing what I'm supposed to do with my life. I believe that all my distractions and frustrations with the trappings of life will fall by the wayside as I stick to the script and make this music happen. Sometimes, that's just not enough. And often times, the hard times we artists go through get the best of our gifts before we get an honest chance to actualize the full potential of our blessings. I'd like to smoke some weed, but I can't, and keep the gift of my voice poppin at full potential. Plus I don't like the fact that it makes my vocabulary diminish for some reason. I'd like to take all the offers from the abundance of women who avail themselves to me whether it be a chance meeting on the subway to the plethora of choices often made available after one of my shows...but. All money ain't good money ya dig! So I'm striving for balance in all things and I know that in my life, without balance, I implode.
I've been under heavy stress and to be str'8 up about it, it has been a huge financial burden to pass on the record deals and walk with faith on my own. Me and my team have not had a walk in the park by any means but anything worth having is worth struggling for. I'm not in love with struggling however and it has been extremely detracting from my creative flow. I can do bad by myself. 4 real. But then we do a show man, and this energy just takes over me and the band and the audience and the venue and just everything feels right again. And one conversation leads to another and next thing I know, I'm down at Gibson's Entertainment Studio filming a show for NBC/UNI and people are excited and checks are being cut and a whole new out look on everything develops. These blessings seem to come out of nowhere sometimes but I know that they are results of continued hard work. So I'm not on the radio. We all know that you have to pay big money for radio airplay and I don't even mind that but I don't have the doe so I have to make alternative methods my weapons of mass communication. Holla if u feel me. I'll have more info about the show and the taping soon and from what I saw and heard, MLX is coming and we taking this world by storm. PERIOD. THE FUNK IS BACK AND TAKING NO PRISONERS!
George Clinton called and wants me to hit the road on the 30th ANNIVERSARY FUNKADELIC TOUR~ Now, me and G.C. is cool and I appreciate the opportunity. I was also supposed to do a 20 city tour with Lady Bug Mecca of Digable and some even more incredible news has developed that I will tell yall about soon.
All this to say, trust GOD. HE/SHE DELIVERS. It may not be when you wanted or expected it, but it's always on time!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Welome to the 13th Chamber (MLX 4life)

Sat August 13th. Our annual cosmic brothers show at BB KINGS in NYC was a MONSTER. Steve Wallace opened. Cody Chesnutt, accompanied only by his guitar and brilliant capacity to electrify all things was completely GREAT. Last night I was in Chicago and got the most compassionate and warm and excited response from a crowd i've EVER received. Coming into a city for the first time as a solo act, which I have to do often is always a challenge. The Women and men of CHI TOWN made your boy feel quite welcome and at home. We felt so good that we played the blues for 'em. This was a dream coming true for me because I've always wanted to play the blues and we played an Albert King song. Blues at Sunrise. Not sure if he penned this but his version is the definition of! If you like Jimi Hendrix, u already love Albert King. But anyway, Chicago ROCKED. Hot House was hot indeed. We shall return.
So I was mad as hell bc we had early flights and that meant I wouldn't get any sleep. No sleep means my voice sux the next day and being that is was an anticipated NY engagement, I was not a happy camper yestarday. I mean, I was just in a pissed off state all day. Then my voice just went out due to all the air conditioning and what not so it took a lot of medicating just to get it back to 60% and with that, I had my moment in NY. The TRIO is coming off crazy! We are having the most fun ever with this configuration. All of what I got to give is laid out on the table and people are into it. MLX 4life!

Friday, August 12, 2005

West Side 2 South Side

What up world. I appreciate you taking the time to pay me any attention, honest. There's so much noise out there that most of my time is spent filtering out bullshit just so I can have a few treasured and precious moments to reach my inner spirit. I haven't taken the time to read any books lately. I always refer to The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran or The Art of War by Sun Tzu. My cousin Mecca Villian gave me a book about the story of a Japanese Samurai called A Book of 5 Rings by Miyamoto Musashi. I'm taking that with me today on my way to Chicago. We hit at Hot House tonight. I've been trying to get to the CHI for like 2 years now. It's a trip cuz the interest is there but promoters have to take the chance and commit to bringing me in to their cities and doing an absolute smash job of promoting...but anyway. I was in SF just yesterday and got a call to come to NY to audition for a movie! Dig that, ya boy might be making his debut on the big screen even before being interviewed for any of my music releases..GREAT! I used to do some acting back in the day but I didn't want acting to jump off b4 the music did. Now I'm like, RUN IT. Tomorrow ain't promised to no one so don't wait til the sun comes up to start your day...Get busy. If you love someone, make sure they know it. God does. (photo credit: Lisa Keating)

Saturday, August 06, 2005


I"m tired yall. Everyday, I get one call inspiring me to keep moving and continue creating music from the heart and then I get TEN calls from every creditor or banking institution that i've borrowed from demanding re-payment on accounts..plural! When there is no well of income coming in from my aortal pursuits. How I love being independent! What do I do. Radio..Them suckaz neva play me- Satellites just OK me. We regret to inform you that Martian Luther has just been institutionalized due to spiritual bankruptcy. Wait a minute, how could money, or the lack of funds even be considered as a contributing factor to spiritual well being/imbalance? Do I just get some hot tracks and convert 'em into hot wax and embellish 'em with some hot raps to alleviate these life traps...maybe. The loops I'm having to jump through have defiinitely strengthened my calves but it's derailing my artistic focus and that's kickin my ass. I have much more music to share with you. I have more stories to tell. Oh when? is the question if ever! due to an absence of water in the well. Trust and believe that my spirit is under fire but it ain't from Bank of America. If there is any assailant threatening my wellbeing it's me. I have made choices and I have to accept that and 'Face the Music' as Malene Young Lao would say. ( www.rebelradiomusic.com ) But if you see me out there pushing a cart or selling news papers for a dollar, don't hesitate to holla atcha boy...i'm still trill wit it. Just got to work some shit out. The Struggle continues.

Friday, August 05, 2005


A little help goes a long way! By chance I received a phone call one day when I was in San Francisco putting finishing touches on Rebel Soul Music and so this young French girl was on the phone talking about wanting information on the history of Funk music and I was suggested to her as a resource. I took her to my comrade Jerrod’s house where he had a stockpile of Black Music and cultural phenomena. Since we dialogue about this subject so often, I thought it would be a good way for her to gain some immediate perspective. She was very appreciative and I asked her to share my music with some people in France so that one day I could visit her town (Paris) and hopefully build some connections their. Well she did just that. She gave my sampler to a radio dj from Radionova (www.radionova.com) and this woman was very aggressive and began to play Daily Bread immediately on the air! WOW and to think I have to scratch and beg for ANY airplay here in the states…but anyway, this French girl also gave me contacts to a club promoter. After about two years of emailing, we finally made a show happen just three weeks ago. Anais/Guy/Aline.. I want to thank you all for your help and support. Consequently, I was introduced to this really dope photographer named Sinisha (www.sinisha.net) through a very helpful friend at NBC. Sinisha agreed to take some photographs of me and even had some connects at magazines he thought would consider running an article. It just so happened that the editor/owner (I’m not sure) of BOOK LA Magazine (www.bookla.com) was directed to my website after being hesitant to include me in the publication and when he got to the site, he heard Daily Bread! ( Big Up Rebel Soul Records) The significance of this is, being from France, Radio Nova stays on when he’s online even tho he now lives in LA. Daily Bread has been playing on Radio Nova for about two years. He never knew what artist was responsible for that song and it happened to be one of his favorites. He immediately made space for me in his magazine and it will be hitting the stands on August 22nd. Amazing how a little help can go a long way. Thank you Shelli, Sinisha and Patrick! God is always on time!