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Friday, July 15, 2005

Sexcessfully yours....SUPPORT FORUM

I like how u support me. I especially like how you move in the night under low light...barely clothed if at all. Wonderous amounts of femininity abounding... eager to serve, please and be served and pleased... the groaning and cooing. A pleasureable pain of Tongue lashes as you shower me with waterfalls from heavenly places down under..I like how you support me as you lower your vocal tone to decibels just above a whisper..with growls of longing and hands that touch me stimulating every inch of every inch of my wants and desire...it's darker still, the night is young and you've placed the fate of every tomorrow in my hands...yes, my hands...better yet, my fingertips that love to tickle and fondle that which is coveted most..that which Kings have killed to obtain, that which haunts and taunts a common man raised to be civil and obedient but with all your love in my hand I would abandon and forsake all those before you just for one more kiss, one more stroke..one more taste..one more gasp at the thought of this moment cuming. To an end. Like the Phoenix, we rise only to fall victim to desire, ever replenished by the thoughts we embrace and forget to remember those whom we've ever held so close. I like how you support me...

so when I get to _______ can I crash at your place?