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Monday, June 27, 2005


sometimes I feel like this artist approach to shit is hopeless. I'm hopeful cuz im versatile but sometimes the path is so unclear homie
chasin a music dream is right...the nightmare of living is tha fact that sittin on 22's is the flavor that we savor
i can't leave us..behind that is..act like the black box don't affect or appeal to me..i' m right in there..but I ain't no different..I think the burden of those thoughts is too much to bear alone.
the thought of being different that is...i'm different surely..no question. but what does that boil down to if ain't nobody rockin with you
then dumbin down my shit to sing something trite don't feel right
I attack with my axe but the battle is not being measured on the field
lil bit a change might keep me sane but somewhere in all this I feel enslaved
its all a mental game but payin this many dues feels straynge
and the records they keep playin is insane

wrote sumthin the other day.." I don't belive radio stations are interested in Lib er atin my people so I had to write this song..The cost of making compositions and not paying for chart positons keeps my heart in pain but my heads strong...maybe if I was the nigga to slap some bit ches pull some tri guz you might hear my records all day long...now tell me is this right or is this wrong? then tell me what the hell is goin on...
sumthink like that...lil interlude..but I don't want to even deal with this..its not real.
maybe it is..just gotta keep it movin dawg