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Monday, September 26, 2005


Monday the 26th. Long Day. 7am til 7:30 pm. It rained however but we pushed through it.
I look like Hendrix and Hazel and Sugarfoot. I’m diggin all this. I have to remind myself why I’m here sometimes. It’s easy to forget if one or two things don’t go my way. There’s a bigger picture. That sinking feeling of…they hired me but not me. Someone who can act like what they need only. Not someone who has so much of an identity that they can’t free themselves enough to ACT like someone else. Sure they wanted a singing guitar playing soul brother but they don’t need him to have to have everything his way. They need someone to follow instructions. To sing this way as opposed to that. To play this style as opposed to that natural thing I do. The last time I felt like this was when I joined the touring band of the Roots. Made me feel as if they didn’t want ML but someone to do a specific thing only. So I disconnected from the experience and just became a robot. That’s what it takes sometimes to get it how you want it. You go through what ever you have to go through to get what you need in your own life. It ain’t always perfect or pretty. The end result is what going through it was all about anyhow so tighten up them bootstraps boy and put on them tight leather pants…it’s SHOWTIME!

Create a title for this one!

Saturday, September 24, 2005


I mentioned earlier about some of my folks and I just found this link to the song 'Too Much' feat. Martin Luther & Maimouna
Check dat! Then, if your in the NY area, peep Young Lao do her thing at Crash Mansion on Thurs night. www.rebelradiomusic.com Big Shout out to Rich Medina who's spinning in the YAY area tonight. Go check out Rich cuz he might leak some of his new CD on yall!! I got rehearsal on Sunday so my excuse for not going to church is official this time. But God is keeping score so I make sure my good works out weigh my bad. At least I try to anyway. Master Yoda said, "there is no try...either do or do not" I DO! What do you do?

Friday, September 23, 2005


I saw myself on the small silver screen and I thought it looked okay. I'm working on an incredible film opportunity and I'll tell yall more about it soon but thanks to being recently employed I had to enlist this Six String Assault Rifle to the armorment. I think when P FUNK comes to town, I'll have to unleash this bad boy! Rebel Souljah's, It's Martin Luther ya FUnkROck Producer! Present Arms! Ready! Aim! FIIIIYAAAA!!!! (SUPER) Hero's Wanted Please enlist.
Tell a Friend, Unkle Jam Wants U

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Monday, September 19, 2005


I just listened to the ecard with Lust and NYCG and Rise remix on it. Instant depression has set in. What am I doing? Why am I stuck in purgatory. What did I do to offend God.
I guess it's just not my time. I should be performing this music for the world in it's full glory. This is Hell.
Well, peeps from the Gulf might have a different perspective but artistically for me...This sux!
One day
Hey yall, I did a song with LadyBug Mecca on her new CD and they are playing it in Old Navy! And on Jazzy Jeff's Mix Tape and a bunch of other places.
Also I did a song on Rich Medina's new project www.richmedina.com and it features the future. We'll, her name is MAIMOUNA and she is down with www.ciriusb.com and was recently featured on tour with the Roots but SHE IS THE FUTURE..Trust. We did a song called 2much. Check for it and let me know what you think. Something's gotta give around this BIT!@H

Ain't I'm Clean!

Taken from the mouth of the great Negro Musical sensation, a prophet of his time, the afrofuturistic inventor of the Funky Chicken...None other than Rufus Thomas!
You will see, learn, hate, love and most of all, enjoy every moment of this masterpiece of the Black American Experience circa 1972.
I've been doing some research on the late sixties and events that shaped the destiny of this covetous country. Been reading 'The Dutchman' by Amiri Baraka (Leroi Jones) and 'The Souls of Black Folks' and revisiting 'Cooley High (Classic Film) and A Raisin in The Sun' (Sidney Poitier)..For some sidebar entertainment, I had to get Ganxsta and peep Al Pachino's Classic 'Carlito's Way'!! This is one hell of a film...Al is such a Master.
I'm going to make movies and rockumentaries soon. Musicals as well. I have always had a love for musicals and I feel it is a part of my purpose to bring specifically talented people that I've been blessed to know, share with and learn from, into a setting where all of our gifts can be documented and exposed so that the world can get a taste of this experience...This right now experience. Everything that happens to us is important and I want to document it. I'll be shooting a DVD soon in both NY and SF and we hope to have it available for Christmas time.

Saturday, September 17, 2005


Apollo Heights! Malene Young Lao (www.rebelradiomusic.com) Luna Eclipse (http://www.ciriusb.com) and then Stokley of Mint Condition! Them boys got a hot album out now (I'm so old s'cool) Me and the Homie Cody in DC w The ROOTS back in the day.. Miss that dude, then let him know. puregold183@.... Ah I can't blow up his spot like that but if you want to get at him, make a Cody post, I'm sure he'll read it. That man's genius is unfathomable. Really. Come Back Cody Come back!!

Ahoy Matey!

Peace Januari, DC Rebel and Divine. Your right Divine, I'm standing on the verge of gettin it on! Big time. (more on this in the future) Parliament is coming to NY on Sept 29/Oct 1. I'll be rocking with the Awesome Power of a fully operational Mother ship Ya Dig! And at none other than the world famous Apollo theatre!! Last time and the only time I took the stage there was to back up Saul Williams www.saulwilliams.com who is working on a new Hip Hop Record and it's poppin. Saul stays otherworldly with his but he landed on the planet with this new music he's working on. Big Up Stacy! But back to it, yeah, I've just been speaking my mind cuz I don't talk to much on the phone anymore. It's waaaaaaay to detracting from purpose. I miss sitting on the phone for hours with folks but I know so many more people now and I have to deal with so many more folks for so many reasons that I just choose to holla through this weapon of mass communication called the Net. I pirate my internet connect so whomever in my area got the strongest signal, Good Lookin Out!
My Pops just went into the hospital so I'm more than paranoid but not worried tho. He's going back home today hopefully but this is just how some bullshit starts. Doctors start assuming shit and giving you IV's not knowing exactly what the deal is and all of a sudden his motor functions ain't a 100%. Now he came in there on his own and you didn't have room for him anyway. Then all of a sudden you slip him some shit and need to keep him. I'm not saying that the whole of the medical profession is all efff up but I know that when my mother took herself off Chemotherapy is when her Cancer started to remiss! Trust God and yourself. But don't be foolish and break a bone and then sit around the house praying about it...Take yo ass to the doctor! LOL but yeah, I'm up late just awaiting a good report from the family. Shit ain't always cool man. I'm on the set of a film I'm working on and people notice a lil different vibe from me and it's hard to contain personal things like this from being evident on my face. But hey, that's why we get paid the big bux ; ) as actors right... So I tightened up and handled my business even tho we were shooting a summer day scene in the pouring rain..."Boy that Spielberg is something else!" (who can tell me who I just quoted? Anyone, anyone...?"

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Trust it will all make sense soon!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Well people, Shelby will be in the house @ Groove on Wednesday, September 14th, 2005, 9:30pm!!!!! As well as having a WICKED good time, we are also WICKEDLY celebrating Shelby's birthday!!!! Yes, so come all and have a fantastic evening of great songs, great music, open mic and best of all an evening with the birthday girl also your host Shelby of BLACKGYPSY!!!!


Shelby and I have left blood in every venue we've ever entered together. Just manslaughter...or should I say womanslaughter! An Extremely dynamic woman of majesty she is. If you haven't heard her ..well, trust me you have heard her but it's time for an update... Check www.blackgypsy.com

We were in Detroit not to long ago and had a great time at both 5th Avenues. Dwele blessed us with his presence and even took the stage for a while. Big UP Detroit, Legendary DJ Mike Clark, What up Drake! and all the fam for holdin us down on our first wave of Sound bombing in Detroit. We even caught the legendary Al Green showing a packed house of women how it's really done! This man was effortlessly killing the entire audience softly. Still handing out his signature long stem roses to all the willing women. Al has got it locked. There will never be another.

Sunday, September 11, 2005


Can somebody say RIORDAN's in the house...even before that I attended this very prestigious highschool called (All my freinds made fun of me) Lick Wilmerding in SF, CA. This had to be the most high powered highschool in the country..I kid you not! They had foreign language and calculus and damn near college level english and vocabulary all on the entrance exam! WO, I would have never gotten in had I taken the test. I just happened to be Black and they didn't have many of us! It was a socially arresting year to say the least. I had no social life at all and spent most of my time playing basketball and in wood shop because the demands that going to this school was placing on my life left me socially catatonic. I rebelled. Didn't take any final exams and just kindly removed myself from this place. In hindsight, it was a great launching pad for me but I couldn't see it so I opted to go to Riordan where a lot of my homies and older brother and such went. These are some of the cats I met at Riordan or from my neighborhood or grammer shcool or from life...none the less, the homies! What up Yall, and a special congrats to my singing comrade and childhood friends Codany and Ericka as they are to be wed next month! That's BIG!


This is the woman who gave birth to me. This is the woman who suffered a brain aneurysm..survived the sugery and woke up asking me where my school books were! This is an incredible woman who worked 7 days a week while tending to all her younger siblings and household duties while maintaining 4.0 GPA from childhood on into college. SO SHE AIN'T HEARING NO EXCUSES. When the doctor told my pops she was diagnosed with Lymphatic Cancer!!! and she only had six months to live ( OVER 15YEARS AGO!!) She had a conversation with GOD about it and they agreed that her and HIS work was not done yet so she has been actively recovering eversince. She is a WOMAN of tremendous dedication. She has helped everyone in her path and avails herself to the point of fatigue to try and spread the good word of GOD the Father Almighty. I was just as bad as I could be as a child. Setting my sisters hair and the house on fire, breaking curfew's, talking back and gettin smart..Hell, I got a whippin everyday for 3 years str8! No bullshit. Stealing from pops was the worst. He beat me in and out the bedroom, the hallway the closet the stairwell, sheeiit...we touched every piece of furniture upstairs that day~! And that was the last time I ever stole something from either of them. I love my upbringing and my Southern roots. I have a legacy to attend to. So if you ever wanted to see the face of BLACK QUEEN of this day and age..I present to some and introduce to others, the greatest human being i've ever known, OPAL WYNN MCCOY aka My Mama!

YAYARIAN 4LIFE....But Don't Mess with TEXAS!

Some may know and for those who don't, My families lineage starts in Texas. My mother can trace her roots back to the early 1800's...WOW...well not incomparison to some of my White and Asian and Latin counterparts who can trace their families back to the 1200's and 1400's!! Now that's a very long time to be able to look at the progress of you clan. Anyway, we all know about that Destiny Altering boat ride that hundreds of Millions of young Brothers and Sisters had to endure..or not because over 100 MILLION souls still swim the Atlantic awaiting a proper burial. Back to the point at hand.. FAMILY is all we got. Money, buildings, records, cars, property, clothing and jewelry mean nothing to those who recently suffered the wrath of O.G. Mother Nature down in the Gulf but FAMILY...thats an entirely different situation. The reaction of some of the women who were reunited with their children...PRICELESS! So when it comes to my family, I cherish EVERYDAY i'm alive to share with them and this weekend, I was blessed with another opportunity to build, share and enjoy all my families company..all except my Sister Janelle down in Texas. My Mother celebrated her 70th birthday/49th Wedding Anniversary and over 300 of her closest friends and all her immediate relatives and childhood friends and children and grandchildren were there. WOW~
We had a ball as my brother H-MAC was the host and all of her brothers and sisters and children and most of all, her husband made dedications to her honor. MY MOTHER IS A MIRACLE. That is a new song i'm writing so when you hear it, you'll know exactly who i'm talking about. Her connection with GOD ALMIGHTY is unfadable. When we need prayers to get through, we turn to OPAL. If you didn't know, she's also featured on my RSM CD. Who can tell me what song?? (make a post)
My friend Yvonne and trusted Consigliari M. Aczon also attended. It was nice to see my folks. Then we parleyed over to big mammas house in Suisun, CA. were we just kicked it and talked all night about Beyonce and MTV and old friends we haven't seen (like Grandma) and traveling the world and church related business. It was very cool to get out of my daily grind to hang with my folks who have witnessed my development over the years. Take these days very seriously man, cuz when that great gettin up day arrives, that's it until we meet again. I hope someone finds a way to reach my young NIGGAS. I say that because when I listen to our music, the careless nature in which we talk about taking a life and being ready to die only reinforces our fear of being ready to live. I want to live and I want all my folks to live. We need a new subject to rap about. BIG UP to Kanye West. I didn't really like all the extra cockyness all the time but the brother made it to the cover of TIME and that won't happen again so, nuf respect is due. Plus he put Bush on Blast! LOVE THAT.


NICE JAZZ FESTIVAL WAS REAL NICE YALL... I was first exposed to this incredbly tourist infested paradise while touring with the Roots. Very EXtashious evening indeed!! Ha Ha..u had to be there. Anyway, while touring overseas in July, I was invited to open on one evening. And I thought there wouldn't even be a crowd but to my surprise there was a HUGE audience to see ya boy. NICE, I salute you.
And to my Angels...Hold down the city till I get back. ONE LOVE