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Monday, October 24, 2005


Hey World. Just getting back in from a long day. I had a great time at work. I'm getting better and really getting into this life of an actor. It's very similar to my life as Martin Luther McCoy, not just the role itself but the approach to living. Acting. Often times I've acted tougher than I was or Cooler than I needed to be or harsher than I've wanted to or some kind of action that was Acting as opposed to me being 100% real with it. Maybe we all do from time to time and some just more than others but I must admit, the pursuit of self mastery turns me on. Saul told me about this feeling a while back...That Acting was simply another form of self mastery. I agree. See, onstage I seek to be that untouchable yet very human force that drives women wild and gets the fellas to come see my shows in equal number. It's about the celebration really but I'm a competitor. All my leaps forward in this life have happened from Trial by Fire experiences and this film opportunity is no exception. I'm LOVIN IT. I'm loving the long hours, the days of preparing before hand only to arrive at the set and have Julie change the scene completely and we have to dig on a new concept and nail right there on the spot. I'm diggin the camaraderie amongst the cast and crew. People look out for me in ways that I don't even know about but trust and believe that I'm doing my share of looking out as well. Balance in all things! I'm digging how my diet has changed and since, I haven't really seen or felt one day of sickness or failing health and I've been out late or up early in the freezing east coast cold weather many or morning/late night. I Love It! cuz at the end of it all, I see my work. I see her vision coming to life. My character wasn't originally written for a young Mac Nanamous cat like myself, I have Julie Taymor to thank for that. And since she has taken the chance on me, I'm giving her as well as myself 150% at all times just because that's what it takes to make magic happen and trust me yall, she's catching some magical moments.
Joe Cocker! He Killed his parts. Just came to the studio and NAILED his song. Came to the set and blew EVERYONE'S mind with his uncanny timing and innate sense of the moment. BONO came to the set sick from a murderous show at the world famous Madison Square and was sharp and witty and engaging when he didn't have to be. Something about this woman we are working for makes us feel as if we are working with her and not to mention the producers of Team Todd and Matt Gross and the executives...It's just flowing. That's all I can say.
I'm itching for new material. I have a few hundred ideas to flush out on my days off coming up and then I have to run to Japan right quick to handle some business and catch up with Momo. I'm looking forward to that trip even if it's only for a few ticks. Then back to work for more demanding scenes and musical performances. Yall stay tuned. The events of the world have escaped my grasp as I've been lost in this project for so long but I'm about to get cable TV so I'll be doing some catching up soon. Be well. God Bless and thank you for stopping by.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Introducing Lex Landau Calrissian

On All Halhoez Eve...I'll be preparing my band for a show on Halloween in NYC. In other music related news....wait, this just in....

ALERT! There's been a SHOOTING in the City! Zoo York City that is. Reports came in that Lex Landau Calrissian,
Ace coon boon of San Dolo, the sultan of the Cosmos in the Dogon System (www.sanfordbiggers.com), was reportedly on location in Zoo York on Monday causing all types of traffic problems and electricity drainages as his Bufont was being meticulously Whipped into shape for filming, knocking out the downtown eastside power grid as the whirling hotcombs and curling irons sent the dreadlocked and cleanshaven hipsters running for cover.

Also reports that a bowl cut sporting, sixties singer, musician, MEGAist of MEGA rock stars by the last name of McCartney, happened past the incident and quickly made an exit before known Paparazzi set their sights in his direction. He did get flanked by one famed photog named Lisa Keating (www.lisakeatingphotograpy.com) who was quick draw Mcgraw at that very moment and was thus immortalized in cyberspace and is proabably being traded on the black market...
Meanwhile, in other news, Martin Luther's Rock Band Black Magic is due to make an appearance at the Cutting Room in NYC. on Halloween. He promises an early show and some incredible guest appearances.

In other news, Joe Cocker has been reportedly in the area. Since he's been touring, legend has is that he has lent his legendary voice and likeness to one brilliantly passionate director by the name of Julie Taymor. Reports are coming in on www.imdb.com that he'll likely be found checking traps somewhere on the lower east side! Where my Pimps and my Hoez at?

That's all the news for now. More is sure to come so stay tuned pilgrimz.

Thursday, October 13, 2005




Bob Martey on guitar...
Hank Schroy on bass, Dave DiGiantomasso is on percussion, and Shelby Johnson is singing her beautiful harmonies...


Yo what up world. I'm taking a few days to write more often so I can keep some interest in doing this. If I tell you what's really on my mind all the time, some might be offended..some disgusted..some might love me even more...WOO HAA HA Haaaaa!!!!
okay: back to earth. Anyway. SMALLVILLE!! Any of yall Smallville (the TV) show fans? I'm an addict and I cant get a fix cuz I'm usually working when it comes on and on top of that, I aint got no cable!!! This SUX! Well, I got a few bux these days, I might have to spring for some cable...I mean, I'm from Cali so we HiJack cable all day but I haven't found a twister for me yet in the rotten apple but I have faith. I'm meeting more white folks these days.
Speaking of which. I met and worked with DUBLINS Finest son from the Rock and Roll front! Peep the title of this entry. U Got it. They happen to be rocking out this week at MSG in NYC and he came by the studio and lent us his vibes and killed his parts! Genius of a man, writer, entertainer and actor. The whole place was buzzing with excitement with him around. It was really cool. Some of the cats were jockeying for position a lil to much for me but I overstand that. Do You Two.
Overseas is calling. Looks like we'll be closing on a distro deal for Japan this week and close to closing another one for England and the rest of the UK. Horray for my team, I love yall. Thank you for working hard. Let's party hard ehh!!?? Bout time for a good time. I think I need to play. Halloween is coming and I got a few items I could get away with on a night like this..to wear on stage that is. Keep ya ears tuned in to this groove cuz we are gonna Hit the scene soon! HA HA...Big Up to NBC/GIBSON Guitars. Yo, I've been in an Axe-ful Bliss since I copped that Bur Candy colored Machine Gun! Killing the neighbors...so bad that the upstairs folks had to move out! Sorry Charlie.
I went home to Cali for a sec. Ran into all my peeps. Ol school partners from childhood to highschool buddies to old band members to old girlfriends to potential ex wives to...oh and of course some bullshit. My gangbangin Nephew (he's like my lil brother) decides to get shot AGAIN! Like how many times does Hot Brass have to pop his thugged out ass to shake him outta being in love with that life. He's been extracted like a few times. Interventions have happended, relocations..and he keeps coming back to those streets. They Mean. Period and since that's what he wants to do, I told him not to call me when he gets killed. I'm not comin to the funeral. He's got waaaaaay more oportunity in this life than to go out like that so Fuck it. Two tears in bucket my nigga. Holla at me when you wanna live. And it is the craziest feeling to meet people, strangers who say things like how my music helps them to deal with loss and brings hope to teachers dealing with rowdy kids and what not and I can't even reach my own family. Tough pill to swallow. He'd rather feel as if no one gives an eff about him. And he wants to go Tupacalypse on us. Same beef I have with Pac, Man you got options but you are choosing to die young. That just leaves us even worse off because of the investment in hope that you will come to see the light that we put into you and your path, only to leave us when you are needed most. Young Black Men have a facination with Death and it only hurts us. NO BODY ELSE. Any way
It was good to see my Brother and Sister. They have been there for me my whole life. Love them to death. How many of yall reading this drink at least a gallon of water a day? Need to! The body and the earth are 3/4 water I believe and anyway, we need filtering. Just like the radiator in your car. The body needs help from the owner to keep things filtered and refreshed. Water does it! Try it for a month and holla back with your results. I'm out.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

FREE~DOM is a road seldom travled by the Multitude!


MOMO CHAN in Amakusa

STFU DOT COM WHAT DO WANT TO HEAR ABOUT? I GET TIRED OF RUNNIN MY MOUTH ALL THE TIME. I copped a cold blooded new Black Beaver Fur lid recently. Funky! I did a show with Children of Production at the Apollo Theatre on Sat night rocking a Kilt and some 70's style high heeled boots and ..oh a White feather Boa! Off the meter B~ Saul Williams was in the house Joi, Amp Fiddler, Rob Bacon and the PFUNK Allstars. Dr. Funkenstein of course. The first time I stepped foot on the Apollo Stage I was backing Saul at one of his shows. Cody sent me a message and if you have questions or concerns for him, just leave a post on the community boards, he'll get it. My father has since recovered from what was a light stroke and now if I can just impress upon his stubborn nature to quit eating vanilla icecream at night and increase his green vegatable intake, then maybe we won't have to deal with this kind of thing anytime soon. ______ and flies!
I'm working on a few new songs so i'm gonna put up mpeg video of me and my guitar just working some things out. Check the Downloads section in few minutes, hours, days...just keep checking. L'8ter
PS. Thanks for the visuals MOMO.